Ruby on Rails is a free, open source software. Rails is a side-server web application framework written in Ruby a high-level programming language under MIT license. It uses MVC based pattern, provides default structures for a database, web services, and web pages. It makes developing database-backed web application easier. Rails require fewer codes, it uses Metaprogramming to write a program, also no compilation is needed." Our team is expert in developing applications using such latest technologies in a timely, and cost-effective way.

Ruby on Rails: Advantages:

  • It is an open-source framework which is 100% free and runs on Linux.
  • Ruby on Rails contains many ready-made plug-ins and modules which makes it time-efficient.
  • It is easy to modify the existing code or add new features and updates to the site.
  • Ruby on Rails provides excellent quality and promotes bug-free development.
  • It also provides brilliant tooling that helps to deliver more features in less time.
  • Ruby on Rails offers a complex security assurance process built into the framework and enabled by default.
  • The Ruby community is big in to testing and test automation which makes its libraries great.