Symfony is a PHP web application framework and a set of PHP components/libraries. It is an open source, a community-driven project with thousands of contributors. It accelerates the creation and maintenance of web applications, also provide developers full command over the configuration. Everything can be customized easily from directory structure to foreign libraries. Symfony is compatible with almost every RDBMS, It has low-performance overheads.

Symfony: Advantages of using Symfony.

  • It's a stable, expandable and user friendly framework.
  • Fast Paced Development: It consumes less memory and allows developing applications at a significant speed.
  • Flexibility in setting up projects with its independent and configurable elements.
  • Its event dispatcher and dependency injector helps easy development of complex applications with multiple functional features.
  • Re-usability of codes helps saving developer's time in typing complex code again and again.
  • This framework provides access to services API's.
  • Developers get the option of choosing their own ORM.
  • Symfony has proven its reliability over time. Its components can be incorporated to bigger projects like Drupal.
  • Its documentation is clearly written, well-structured, thus it is considered one of the best.
  • It comes with a wide set of command tools that helps during project management process.
  • There are some tools like Web Debug Toolbar. It helps address security related issues and errors in applications.