Zend is an object-oriented, open source MVC framework. It is basically a collection of PHP packages which can be used to develop web applications and services. It comes with a wide range of extensive features such as reusable code, loose coupling, unit testing, UI design patterns, flexibility, extensibility, security, and much more. Zend offers built-in libraries, utilities and several modules flexible enough to get customized as per the requirements for adding functionalities and thus save time in coding. Our team of developers holds expertise in the latest version of Zend and caters high-quality PHP applications for all the requirements of our clients.

Zend: Advantages of using Zend.

  • It helps in developing the web applications with less trouble, ease and faster.
  • Zend is highly customizable.
  • It support for multiple database systems and vendors.
  • It has architecture with loosely coupled components and minimal inter dependencies.
  • MVC Architecture or Model- View- Controller is pattern delimitates the database and business logic from the presentation layer and makes the code simple, clean and understandable.
  • It also has a flexible caching sub-system with support for many types of back-ends.
  • Meaningful and attractive URL database also has the feature to compose and send emails.
  • Zend Framework also allows consuming and publishing web services.
  • High-quality, object-oriented PHP 5 class library giving attention to best practices.
  • Zend makes the code reusable, preventing repetition.
  • The RAD (Rapid Application development) extends great to the tooling support & command line.
  • It supports the use of multi language in developing web applications.